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Face Recognition Software: I look like Fidel!

Miss Julie and I are always casting characters in books or documentary films with well-known actors. Recently we were watching How to Draw a Bunny, a documentary about artist Ray Johnson. I suggested that John Malkovich would be perfect in the role. Creepily enough, during the final credits, we discovered that Malkovich was the executive producer.

Can I pick em or what?

We've even gone so far as to cast the actor who should play me in the imaginary movie based on my life. We both settled on Alfred Molina. Right.

Now, it seems there is a site called My Heritage that is developing software (now in beta) that compares your photo with their database and comes up with some matches.


Christian Slater (the eyebrows?) 61%
Michel Platini (?) 47%
Marshall McLuhan 47%
Andrei Sakharov 44%
George Martin 43%
Ralph Nader 43%
Bjarne Stroustrup (?) 43%
Edmund Stoiber (?) 40%
....and last but not least:
Fidel Castro! 39%

And for Miss Julie:

Halle Berry 67% (I kid you not!)
Marianne Faithfull 65%
Sofia Coppola 65%
Hilary Swank 63%
Kirsten Dunst 63%
Helena Bonham Carter 62%
Charlize Theron 62%

Gentlemen, I am blessed.

P.S. OK, OK, a few false positives:

Miss Julie:
Roger Moore
Kenneth Branagh (redhead)
Whoopi Goldberg

Susan Sontag (definitely not a hair thing)

(HT to Double Plus Ungood who clocks in with Gary Oldman, Danny Kaye, John Travolta, Richard Strauss, Edward Elgar, Billy Bob Thorton, Stephen Spielberg, Ehud Barak, and/or Nikolaus Harnoncourt. False positive: Ayn Rand.)


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Madonna 72%
Sandra Bullock 72%
Michelle Pfeiffer 68%
Katie Holmes 66%
Mae West 66%
Katherine Hepburn 65%
Christina Ricci 65%

oh and only one man - Elijah Wood. Guess that means I'm quite the fem!

Mae West!



wait a minute!

I counted only eight selections (inlcuding Elijah Wood) -- what are the other two??

P.S. You have to submit Dean's pic...

Do I have to tell?

Zhang Ziyu
Liza Minelli

Hoo boy.

Can I stick with Mae West? 'Cause the Liza Minelli thing is, like, creepin me out.

Creepin' you out? Dude, I've been shuddering all day. I do like showtunes though...

Miss Julie wanted to know if it was "the young Liza" or "the old Liza."

You Elvis.

Not much difference but it was the young Liza.

Luigi Nono - 64% (I’m not Italian)

Jose Carrares 63% (nor Latino)

Donald Sutherland - 63% (warmer – pass for loving him in M*A*S*H and, especially, Kelly’s Heroes)

Tim Burton (Does this thing calculate creative genius?)

Gary Oldman 61% (well the Nosferatu thing is at least geographically relevant)

Gilbert Becaud ( I actually like the French)

Sean Connery 58% (that’s what my wife always says but, obviously, she loves me ;-)

Chick Corea 58% (still good company – creatively)

Nicolas Cage 54% (One of my favorite actors after Kevin Spacey and I don’t care what kind of commercial whore he is – either of them)

No offense, man -- Miss Julie and I are voting for Sean Connery.

It's for your own good.

P.S. I love Nicholas Cage. I'd stand in line to see one of his movies.

Seriously, he is one of the under-rated actors of his generation.

"No offense, man -- Miss Julie and I are voting for Sean Connery."

None taken (I bet Sutherland would rather look like Connery). Anyway, you be the judge: I’m the old guy being attacked by the muskrat.

Are you wearing shades in the pic?

I'm not "getting" the muskrat reference.


Hint: they go for the face.

Shep's hot!

I'm only 5'5", 120lbs. without the riding gear and the mustache.

Wow, I thought cameras only added 10 lbs...

Eh, you're still hot.

OMG!! I did Dean's pic.

Uday Hussein
Renee Zellweger (fat pic of her)
Dustin Hoffman
Isoroku Yamamoto
Pervez Musharef
Sonny Rollins
Bill Murray
Frank Gehry
Neil Stevenson
Konrad Adenauer

I just put in my most current pic (taken today) and I'm much happier.

Jodie Foster 70%
Beyonce Knowles 69%
Michelle Pfeiffer 66%
Drew Barrymore 64%
Christina Ricci64%
Madonna 60%
Aishwariya Rai 58%
Shakira 57%
Courtney Love 56%
Priyanka Chopra 56%

Except for Courtney Love, I'm really hot!

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